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The Go-To Support for Primary Care Annual Wellness Visits in California

From Sacramento to San Bernardino and down to Orange County, Quality Health Partners (QHP) has etched its name as the trusted partner for primary care practices. With a specialized focus on the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), QHP ensures Californian patients receive top-tier preventive care tailored to their health and risk factors.

Understanding the Annual Wellness Visit with QHP

An AWV, facilitated by your primary care provider (PCP), is a pivotal yearly rendezvous. It’s the opportune moment to craft or refine a proactive prevention strategy, keeping your health at its peak. Remember, the AWV isn’t your standard full-body check-up but a personalized health strategy session. New to Medicare? The AWV differs from the inaugural “Welcome to Medicare” visit.

Who Benefits from an AWV?

Medicare Part B beneficiaries, rejoice! If you’ve been with Part B for over a year and haven’t had an AWV in the last 12 months, you’re eligible. Just ensure you don’t mix up the AWV with your “Welcome to Medicare” visit within the same year.

What Can You Expect from an AWV Supported by QHP?

For first-timers:

  • Personalized prevention plan creation by your PCP.

  • Basic health metrics: height, weight, blood pressure, and more.

  • Comprehensive health risk evaluations.

  • Delving into your functional abilities and safety, from hearing screenings to home safety assessments.

  • Unpacking medical histories, both personal and familial.

  • Comprehensive documentation: current care providers, medication lists (yes, even those vitamins!).

  • A foresight-driven 5-10 year health screening roadmap.

  • Cognitive health screenings, spotlighting conditions like Alzheimer’s.

  • Mental health check: depression screenings.

  • Expert health guidance and referrals, addressing risk factors and championing wellness. Think weight management, fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation, and more!

For those returning:

  • Metrics update: weight and blood pressure.

  • Fresh health risk evaluations.

  • Medical and family history reviews.

  • Updated lists of healthcare providers and medication.

  • Renewed health screening schedules.

  • Continued cognitive screenings.

  • Ever-evolving health advice, education, and referrals.

How Does the Billing Work?

With QHP’s expertise, primary care practices ensure patients are informed. If eligible, Original Medicare covers the AWV in full when availed from a participating provider – no hidden costs! For those on Medicare Advantage Plans, the AWV comes without deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance, provided you’re within network and meet the service eligibility.

A note: During the AWV, should your provider pinpoint and decide to address a new/existing health issue, it becomes diagnostic. Hence, Medicare might bill you for any diagnostic care received during the preventive session.

Choose Quality Health Partners for a seamless, comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit experience in California. We champion preventive care, guiding primary care practices every step of the way. Give us a call at (877) 347-8149

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Support for Primary Care Annual Wellness Visits

Quality Health Partners (QHP) extends its unwavering commitment to Californian patients seeking exceptional preventive care through Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). Delving into the AWV’s significance, QHP ensures that Medicare Part B beneficiaries can take advantage of this personalized health strategy session. Discover what an AWV, supported by QHP, encompasses for both first-timers and returnees, as well as how billing works seamlessly under the expertise of primary care practices. Trust QHP for a comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit experience in California – your path to proactive prevention.

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