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HITRUST Acceptance Letter

All boats rise. It's our mission

How We Work


At Quality Health Partners we are driven by metrics. We work with payers (health plans and medical groups) to assess current performance and identify the performance measures and patients that need the most attention. We support our provider practices by focusing on the administrative functions, documentation requirements, reporting, and closing gaps in care so they can take care of their patients. We make sure that all the work our primary care providers do to care for their patients is captured, accurately reported, and submitted timely to payers so they can reap the benefits of 5-Star performance.


Our work is centered around the Annual Wellness Visit. We understand that primary care practices cannot fill their day with several AWV appointments without disrupting the daily workflow of a busy practice. The amount of preparation time involved to yield the best results takes up a lot of staff resources and time. This is why we have a specialized Clinical Quality Team that does the work so our primary care practice partners can focus on seeing more patients per day.


Quality Health Partners serves three customers:

  1. Independent Primary Care Physicians

  2. Patients

  3. Payers (health plans & medical groups/IPAs)

We are successful when all three of our customers reap the benefits of the work we do. All boats rise with our model.