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In the evolving landscape of healthcare, Medical Directors often grapple with optimizing Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores. Quality Health Partners (QHP) stands out as a key player, providing direct services with Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) and Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding.

The RAF Score & Its Importance:

RAF scores are pivotal in determining Medicare Advantage plan payments. A higher score indicates a sicker patient population, warranting higher payments to the provider to cater to these patients. Thus, an accurate and optimized RAF score is essential for both patient care and financial sustainability.

The Role of AWVs:

  • Comprehensive Patient Understanding: AWVs provide a holistic view of a patient’s health, from current conditions to potential risk factors.

  • Data Capture: They serve as an opportunity to capture and update crucial patient data, which directly feeds into the RAF score.

HCC Coding – The Backbone of RAF

Proper documentation establishes:

  • Accuracy: Capturing all conditions confirms that the RAF score truly represents the patient’s health.

  • Optimization: Properly documented conditions can elevate the RAF score, guaranteeing providers receive the appropriate compensation.

How Quality Health Partners Make a Difference:

  • Expertise in AWVs: QHP is thorough with AWVs by capturing all necessary data to inform RAF scores.

  • Meticulous HCC Coding: With a keen eye for detail, QHP verifies no condition goes undocumented, optimizing the RAF score.

  • Training & Support: QHP offers ongoing training and support for medical staff, providing consistent and accurate documentation.


For Medical Directors aiming to improve their RAF scores, partnership with Quality Health Partners (QHP) is not just beneficial—it’s transformative. With a combination of thorough AWVs and precise HCC coding, QHP assures that practices are both patient-centered and financially optimized.

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